Newsletter 04

April 2022


Welcome D!

Finally our first daughter was born on the 11th and we are so happy! She’s doing great and letting us sleep at night (thank God). Charlotte (the mother) is also recovering pretty well, can’t wait for all that is to come. By the way, if you haven’t seen my wife’s totally awesome tattoo work this could be a great time 😉

Art shows I loved

Julio Larraz @ Galería Marlborough, Madrid

Before the baby arrived, we managed to visit some art shows of two artists I’ve been wanting to see their work in person for a long time, Julio Larraz and Paco Pomet. Each one of them approaches contemporary surrealism in a truly personal way. Larraz plays with some childish vibes and vintage aesthetics building scenes as if you were looking in to someone’s dreams, while Pomet builds odd narratives intervening monochromatic pictures with unexpected elements. It was great to be able to take a closer look to these works. If you like art, please go to art shows anytime you can. There’s a physical component to painting that has to be experienced alive.

Julio Larraz (detail)
Paco Pomet @ My Name’s Lolita, Madrid (detail)

Did you know?

The first bubble gum portrait dates from December of 2012, 10 years ago!

It was the time before I learned to paint with oils and was made digitally with photoshop. The next bubble gum portrait was “How far is a light year?” and it only took me four years to get there.

I’ve been thinking about how to make these newsletter more fun so I’m gonna leave the comments open in this newsletter in case you wanna comment or ask anything, don’t be shy! (Just be polite with other people).

Thank you all!
– A

See me, see me – 2012

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