Studio, Madrid 2024

1980 – Alicante, Spain

Spanish figurative painter who has developed his training with artists such as Luisa Pallarés, Eloy Morales, Alejandro Carpintero, and Miguel Gómez Losada, among others. Since his first exhibition at Escalera de Incendios (2012 – Barcelona), his work has been exhibited in Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona, and Melbourne.

I have always found it difficult to put into words what the spirit perceives, what the heart feels. More concerned with what to paint than how to paint, in this creative stage, I free myself from stylistic constraints and make the process the center of my artistic production. I let myself be guided by intuition and paint for things to happen, to see what cannot otherwise be seen. Initially trying to tame the unknown, an effort that quickly proves futile. It’s better to take a deep breath and take some time, let the gaze wander around the wall, and let the unconscious start to see, to construct a story that seems to want to tell itself. Let the wall look at us, and not us look at it.

2024 CONFLUENCIAS Galería Bat, Alberto Cornejo – Group show, (Madrid, Spain)
  Summer SoiréeEspinasse 31, Group show (Madrid, Spain)
  Finalist XVII Premio Artes Plásticas Caja Rural Jaén – Fundación Caja Rural, Group show, Museo de Jaén (Jaén, Spain)
  Our paths cross here – Espinasse 31, Group show (Madrid, Spain)
  JustMad 2024 – with Navel Art (Madrid, Spain)
2023 1st prize at PINTCA XXVI Pinacoteca Andaluza – Group show, Casa Colón (Antequera, Spain)
  Selected XXXII Premio López-Villaseñor de Artes Plásticas – Group show, Museo López-Villaseñor (Ciudad Real, Spain)
  Finalist XVI Premio Artes Plásticas Caja Rural Jaén – Fundación Caja Rural, Group show, Museo de Jaén (Jaén, Spain)
  The Escape – with Fire Escape Contemporary Art en Linden New Art, Group show (Melbourne, Australia)
  JustMad 2023 – with Navel Art (Madrid, Spain)
  P3 – Espacio75, Group show (Madrid, Spain)
  Fail in geography – Sara Caso, Solo show (Madrid, Spain)
2022 JustMad 2022 – with Navel Art (Madrid, Spain)
  Heal heal – Navel Art, Solo show (Madrid, Spain)
  The read thread – Sara Caso, Group show (Madrid, Spain)
2021 Here and now – Navel Art, Group show (Madrid, Spain)
2020 Bubblegum, dinosaurs, pools – Navel Art, Solo show (Madrid, Spain)
2019 Artemisia IV – Centro Cultural Moncloa, Group show (Madrid, Spain)
  Cruixent – Espacio Espronceda, Group show (Barcelona, Spain)
2018 Chart of cosmic exploration – Young Gallery Weekend, Solo show (Barcelona, Spain)
  Portraits, bubblegum, and a pool – Diario Información, Solo show (Alicante, Spain)


Photo by James Tarry for SimpleSimon Spaces
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  • 2021 – “Call your mother” TV, ABC
  • 2020 – “The good doctor” TV, ABC
  • 2020 – 7 for all mankind Ad via Yard NYC
  • 2019 – “The chi” TV, Showtime
  • 2019 – DAC Consulting Various home decor projects