Newsletter 07

July 2022

New shows this fall

September 1st
I’ll be part of a group show here in Madrid at the Sara Caso Gallery. It’s been a last minute deal but I’m truly happy that Sara and her team are giving me the chance to be part of something new and fun.

October 22nd
Next one will be something different from my current line of work, I’ll have a solo show in Navel Art about medicines still life paintings. It’s something I’ve been working aside and the people’s response has been great so far, I’m so excited about how this new theme will grow with time. More news will be posted when the show opening is near.

Art shows I loved

Alex Katz @ Thyssen Museum

This month we got the chance to visit two great shows here in Madrid. The first one was a retrospective about Alex Katz at the Thyssen Museum (one of the Big 3 in the city). I didn’t know much about this painter, but his huge portraits were impressive in their simplicity and learning he kept painting until his 90s gave me hope (or the chills). The second one was about a spanish photographer: Gonzalo Pérez Siquier. His photographs of people at the beach were incredible, specially when you find out they were taken in the late 70s and the 80s. His work is still influencing lot of contemporary photographers, pretty awesome.

I hope one day our daughter loves going to art shows as much as we do, right now she spends most of the time sleeping!

Alex Katz
Pérez-Siquier @ Mapfre Foundation

Summer plans

We’re going on vacation for almost all august so there won’t be any more painting until september. Since the both of us are not from Madrid is time to visit our parents and let them enjoy their first granddaughter and maybe give us some rest. In the meantime I’ve activated a summer discount on the shop so you can get a 30% off until august 31th, but shipping will have to wait until september. Just use the code “SUMMERSALE” on checkout and it will be applied.

Hope you and yours are ok and having a good time.

See you next month,