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Dulce hogar (Book cover)

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Book cover for SUMA editorial (Penguin Books Spain).

Does the perfect home exist?
With precise and effective style, Pablo Rivero constructs a disturbing story in “Sweet Home” with a plot full of edges and complex characters who will risk everything. A disquieting thriller, a social chronicle denouncing the pressure on women and men, addressing themes such as motherhood, the culture of success, or false happiness. A devastating story that also delves into fear, the kind that obsesses us to the point of becoming morbid and sometimes turning into terror. Dark and passionate. Welcome to Sweet Home.

My father was a thief and my mother a witch

100x100cm oil, spray and colored pencils on canvas
Finalist XVI Premio artes plásticas La Rural

*SOLD* Espinasse31 gallery.
Contact for other available pieces: thomas@espinasse31.com