Newsletter 03

March 2022

JustMad 2022

Piece by Yves Sadurni

Thanks to the people of Navel Art (big thanks to Teresa and Carlos for all their work and support) I had the chance to be a part of this year’s “Madrid’s art weekend” at JustMad art fair, one of the most important for emerging artists here in Spain. I shared the space with abstract painter Lidia Sancho and we made a great team bringing a lot of color to the place.

Teresa & Carlos from NavelArt

It’s been a great opportunity to meet other artists, art critics and to speak with some fans and meet new ones, thank you everyone! It’s also been pretty exhausting but totally worth it.

I don’t usually have the chance to speak with other professionals about our work and it’s been great: Ira Torres, Rafa JiménezRafael Blanco, Yves Sadurni and Juli About just to name a few (you should check their work).

Juli About

New line of work

For a while I’ve been thinking about new directions in my work and something that always interested me was surrealism. Nothing that I haven’t tried in the past with little paintings, but this time I wanted to go a little further. For example, “The stuff that dreams are made of” is a painting of 64×52 inches, the biggest one I’ve painted ever. I have updated the Art Gallery page so you can take a good look at these and some new bubble gum portraits.

The stuff that dreams are made of

Everything’s fine
Can I have your number?

Extra ball: Album cover!

Last summer I was asked by the LA funk band “The Main Squeeze” to paint a portrait for their next album “To be determined…” and it will be finally released on April the 1st. Can’t thank them enough for giving me the chance to be part of something so beautiful. Love their music and their mix of styles!

The Main Squeeze

What’s next?

As I said before, we’re expecting our first daughter for the first days of April and we can’t be more happy about it (and a little nervous) so, I don’t know if there’ll be a newsletter next month. I’m going to take some time to help my wife with everything but I’m sure I’ll be back before you even know it 🙂

In the meantime the shop has been updated with some new framed originals (with custom floating pink frames) and I keep posting some new process and reels on instagram, don’t forget to show some love!

Thank you all!
– A