Newsletter 02

January 2022

Happy new year everyone!

Hope you all had a good (and safe) time, we spent the first days of 2022 in Barcelona visiting some friends and had the chance to find out there’s a new museum in town.

Moco Museum Barcelona

It’s a 16th Century palace located on Montcada Street, near Picasso’s museum and MEAM (one of my favorites) what makes that location a must if you are into art and architecture. Their permanent collection is focused on some contemporary great names as Basquiat, KAWS, Keith Haring or Yayoi Kusama for example. But what really surprised me was finding they had a temporal exhibition by Guillermo Lorca, an incredible painter.

Guillermo Lorca at Moco BCN
Guillermo Lorca
Studio Irma

There were also some interesting art installations but if I had to mention one it would be the one by Studio Irma. A thousand color lights and mirrors that make you feel as if you were “travelling through the Bifrost”*, pretty awesome.

*Thor reference by my wife.

Visit MOCO Bcn website

Figurativas 2021 + 15th Arc Salon

And since we were near the MEAM and I knew the Figurativas and Arc Salon exhibitions were extended I couldn’t help myself but visit them. If you are into figurative art, the MEAM it’s a must in Barcelona. This time they had the Figurativas 2021 exhibition with the selected artists for the biannual competition they hold. This edition’s winner has been Paco Lafarga, an spanish painter whose work is focused on still lifes and looking for new ways to achieve realism with oil painting. I find his artwork as lab experiments filled with accidents that are a joy for the viewer.

Paco Lafarga, winner of Figurativas 2021
Kasia Umińska, Arc Salon

Beside Figurativas 2021 the MEAM had the 15th Arc Salon exhibition, another figurative art competition show. This one from the US. It’s always nice to visit this show because there aren’t many chances here in Spain to see some of the painters that participate and this time a friend of mine, Kasia Umińska was among the selected ones. We met a few years back on a paint workshop here in Madrid and it’s great seeing her growing and achieving her goals.

Work in progress

Getting ready for Just Mad Art Fair

Just Mad is only a month away and the studio is starting to be filled with new artwork. I’ll reveal all the new pieces during February once I’ve taken nice pictures of them but here’s a little preview of a new one. Hope you like it!

I couldn’t use the projector because the new studio doesn’t have curtains yet so I had to use a grid to translate the drawing to the canvas, a little fun XD

– A