Newsletter 01

December 2021

My first art fair

Just Mad Contemporary Art Fair
24th-27th February 2022

Next February I’ll be part of Just Mad Contemporary Art Fair here in Madrid during the “Art weekend”. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, during that weekend the main contemporary art fairs (Arco, ArtMadrid, etc…) take place and national and international collectors gather here in Madrid to find and buy new art. It’s a great opportunity to be seen and discovered so I’m working on some new pieces for that occasion (that’s why there won’t be too many updates on the online shop until then).

Artists I love: Irene Cuadrado

Irene Cuadrado

This month one of my favorite painters is having a show here in “Casa de Vacas”, an amazing place in the center of “El Retiro”, one of the biggest parks Madrid (the park was build for the King’s playtime – it even has a lake – but since 1868 it’s open to the people). What a place for her to have this show. Her work focuses on how we accumulate and how this can be translated to painting using color and the density of oils.

She left a big blank canvas and she’s been painting alive since the first day of the show, it was a pleasure to see her working. You should check her work out!

New studio!

New Studio

I moved to the new studio this month and I can’t be more happy about it. I have more space and the light is better since I can work with indirect natural light. The last studio had some hours of direct sunlight that could make the colors change through the day in weird ways. Here is a little sneak peek at what I’m working right now.

I’ve also started to do some timelapse videos on my instagram account and I’m thinking about making some full process videos on youtube, would you like that? Please, let me know your thoughts on that.

Have a nice Christmas!
– A