Newsletter 08

October 2022

Sana Sana opening

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and this was one of them. Just the day before the opening I got a positive test for COVID and we had to postpone the party. My wife and daughter were positive too but we all are ok, just some little symptoms. We’ll make a proper guide visit or “rentrée” in the next weeks but in the meantime, the show is open to the public and I have added all the paintings to the online shop.

Gallery: My Name’s Lolita Art

Rafa Rollon @ My name’s lolita art

I’d love to talk you a little about one of my favourite galleries in Madrid: My Name’s Lolita Art. Located at C. de Almadén 12 in what we call “El Barrio de las Letras” because all the writers that lived there during the XVII century. This neighborhood has a lot of history and is near the main city museums as El Prado, a location full of art galleries, theaters and lovely places to eat or just have a drink and enjoy a taste of the old Madrid. Owned by Ramón since 1988, I must admit he has a really good eye to catch new talent and a pretty interested rooster of consecrated artists as Paco Pomet, and most of the best shows I’ve seen this year had been at his gallery. He is a perfect host and always finds time to talk to you about the shows and you can see his true love for what he is doing. Definitely a place to visit if you love art and you are in Madrid.

My name’s Lolita art website


In the past few months I’ve been asked about selling some of my paintings as NFTs and the time has come. I know this is uncharted territory for a lot of people but, after some digging and consulting with some old fellows from my past life as a web developer, I’ve decided to start my own collection at Opensea. I’ve listed four of my bubble gum paintings there as unique pieces. Take a look and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! Click here to visit.

See you next month,